Trauma Healing and Recovery Center an affiliate of Gomez Counseling and Consulting Services (GCCS) was created in order to provide “bottom up” approaches to healing trauma. As Peter Levine, Ph.D founder of Somatic Experiencing states  “Trauma is a fact of life, but it does not have to be a life sentence. ”   At the Trauma Healing and Recovery Center our focus is utilizing modalities that allow for full connection of the body, mind, brain and spirit.

Talk-therapy can only take you so far in your healing process. After you have done all you can with that modality, you need to continue your journey with therapies that can access the rest of your brain – that’s where the Trauma Healing and Recovery Center comes in.  We use modalities that access the trauma that is “stuck” in the mid brain and the instinctual brain not just the thinking brain.   Allowing for the body and minds natural ability to reset and restore the pretrauma state of being.

Brain and body-based therapies are the fastest growing in the field of psychological health because of their proven ability to address and resolve issues that talk therapy cannot. Trauma can overwhelm the brain’s processing capacity leaving behind pieces of the trauma, frozen in an unprocessed state.

Most trauma informed programs utilize a cognitive or thinking brain approach to working through trauma.  That is cognitive approaches. Although these approaches are necessary and appropriate and in fact the owner of GCCS was originally trained in cognitive approaches, it is not the complete answer to healing from trauma.  At the Trauma Healing and Recovery Center we use approaches such as Somatic Experiencing, Brainspotting, EMDR, Energy work, Healing Touch, Body work and many other to get at the frozen trauma in a way that Cognitive approaches are not able to reach.

If you are ready to begin healing from your trauma in a “bottom up” way keep exploring our site and give us a call.